Topic: Asian American Study-Focusing on Islamophobia

The purpose of this paper is to help you prepare research and assemble materials for your final website project. In this paper you are expected to identify 2 organizations and/or groups that are countering Islamophobia in your chosen country. You should identify who is doing this work, how they are doing this work, and what methods they are using. Look for:

Profiles and bios of the organization/group leadership

What is this organization / group’s goal?

What are they trying to achieve and why?A theory of action if the organization/group has one

Who is funding their work?

What are the politics of the funders and does the source of funds and their objectives affective the organization(s) you focus on?

What informs this organization/group’s intervention?

How are their methods influenced / shaped / decided upon?
(1) Use these questions to guide your research of the organizations / groups you choose to examine. In your paper you should try to address these questions and use them as a point of departure to reflect critically on the organization/group’s intervention.

Use our lectures and readings throughout the semester to think about the org/group’s impact. How is it intervening in, redressing, and/or reproducing Islamophobia?

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: History

Pages: 2/550

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