Topic: Attractiveness and Halo Effect psychology termpaper

Assignment 1: Literature review/introduction

The goal of this assignment is to write an introduction/literature review to a halo effect study. We will be designing a halo effect study in class and coming up with a hypothesis, based on the three articles posted in the “assignment 1” folder. 

The goal of the literature review is to present existing empirical evidence about the existence of the halo effect, to explain the work that has been done before, and to present our class study. Everything in the literature review should build up to the hypothesis, in the sense that when you get to the hypothesis, there should be ample evidence to believe it will be supported.

Inside the folder are samples of literature reviews/introductions.  Remember, the introduction should be organized around ideas, not citations. In other words, a good introduction moves from idea to idea, providing evidence. It is not a summary of three articles one after the other.  Also note: there is no page minimum/maximum for this assignment.  It’s about quality, not quantity!

Also, you are required to cite the three papers that I posted under assignment 1, but you can also add MORE articles if you want.

The rubric for this assignment is posted below. You will have a chance to revise your work if you are not happy with the grade you receive:

Each of the following items/criterion will be graded on a scale of 0 (completely missing) to 5 (excellent work), for a total of 30 points:

  1. Lead-in paragraph starts with a good attention grabber that is relevant to the paper, and a brief introduction to the study 
  2. The introduction is well organized. Order of the articles presented has been well thought out and demonstrates an underlying organization. You wrote this from an outline.
  3. The results/conclusions from each article are interpreted within the context of your paper’s organization (i.e. it is clear WHY each article/citation was included, and how it is related to your hypothesis)
  4. There are transitions between paragraphs that link the last idea in the previous paragraph to the first idea in the next paragraph (i.e. explicit connections between ideas)
  5. Each article is thoroughly described (i.e. it is clear that you read the article and understood it)
  6. The introduction concludes with a quick description of the study we will be conducting as well as clear statement of the hypothesis we will be attempting to answer

You will lose up to 5 points for any of the following violations:

  1. Poor grammar/spelling (if you’re not sure about writing skills, you can have a tutor at the writing center help you with proofreading)
  2. Missing citations (if you take someone else’s ideas, you must provide a citation immediately after to distinguish between ideas that are your own and ideas that are taken from someone else)
  3. Citations are not in APA format (you can look at the Purdue OWL page to learn about proper APA in-text citations)
  4. Not citing all three papers. All three papers should appear in your introduction. If they do not, you will lose points. 
  5. Direct quotes. You are not allowed to use direct quotes. Everything must be paraphrased
  6. Missing references. You are citing three articles in this introduction, which means you must also submit a reference page in APA format for the three articles

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