Topic: Australia Primary School Digital Education

Assessment – Creative Inquiry Portfolio
Task description Reflect on and provide evidence of your learning.

  1. Create an age-appropriate eSafety awareness poster that addresses at least four eSafety issues.
  2. Reflect on two Creative Inquiry activities.
  3. Write a rationale for using digital technologies in future practice, and a reflection on your personal learning in EUN101.
    Present your response as a portfolio, as outlined on pages 2-3.
    This is an authentic assessment because it asks you to reflect on your past and current experiences of digital technologies in learning, and to consider how you intend to implement technology into your future teaching.

    On successful completion of this unit you will be able to:
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of using digital technologies
    to support learners and enhance learning and teaching. (Relates to CLO1;
    APST 2.6, 3.4)
    2.Critically reflect on contemporary theories of teaching and learning in
    order to implement 21st Century teaching strategies using digital
    technologies to engage students in their learning. (Relates to CLO2; APST
    3.Create and maintain safe and inclusive learning environments where digital technologies are used safely, responsibly and ethically. (Relates to CLO3; APST 4.5)
    4.Apply the principles, methods, and strategies of using digital technologies to leading the development of innovative pedagogical approaches.

Type of assignment: coursework

subject: Education

Pages: 7/1900

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