Topic: Australia; The Hot Spot for International Education

The module learning outcomes (MLOs):

  1. Write a well-structured advisory report for international audience related to a business problem.
  2. Produce clear and well-structured text on complex subjects for academic and professional purposes.
  3. Create an advanced argument in favor of a particular position.

MLO 1:Write a well-structured advisory report for international audience related to a business problem:
• Application of proper report structure
• Application of the required Style Sheet (APA) and proper referencing

MLO 2:Produce clear and well-structured text on complex subjects for academic and professional purposes:
• Extract implicit meaning from longer complex texts.
• showing controlled use of structure, connectors and cohesion (Chris: reword maybe)
• Use language flexibly and effectively for academic and professional purposes

MLO 3: Create an advanced argument in favor of a particular position:
• Use relevant data and examples to support arguments


  1. Introduction – (300 words)
    a. Introduction should include the following:
  2. Background on the organization with focus on elements such as size in terms of staff, sales, markets, industries
  3. Problem Defintion: consists of management issue , the research objective, and main research question and sub questions
  4. Management Issue: use the 6 W approach from the perspective of management
  5. Main Research question: SEE BELOW
  6. Sub-questions: By answering the sub questions, you will be able to answer the main question
    *the main question and one sub-question is already provided and but you must come up with at least 2 more sub questions
  7. Theoretical foundation including a literature review and models (500 words)
  • Select 2 frameworks, could be 2 journal articles and use the DREW method
  • For the Australia case, students are advised to choose a source that focuses on the concept of value proposition.
  • Apply the DREW method: (DREW should be applied, but the student need not make mention of it as explicitly. In fact, it is better if DREW is more incorporated in the text and not simply identified as in the example.)
    o Describe the framework and define key terms
    o Reference your original source
    o Explain what is your research objective and how you will implement this framework in your advisory report.
    o Why is this the most suitable framework? But also explain what are some of the drawbacks when it comes to your models of choice-what are the limitations?
  1. Research methodology: (250 words)
  • Data Collection
    o The data source determines your sampling method. Where will you collect your data?
    o If obtained from secondary sources, then describe and explain why these sources are the most appropriate for your research.
    o If obtained from primary sources, then describe and explain why they are appropriate for your research.
    o What are the advantages and limitations of desk research?
  • Data Analysis
    o Explain what you will do with the data? Describe the process that you will use. Explain what steps you will take to enhance the quality of your data set.
    o For example, explain if you want to make comparisons by making a table, graph or chart.
  • Research Credibility
    o Explain how you will ensure that your research is credible.
    o To do so explain the main reliability and validity issues.
    o Finally explain what you can do to limit the risks.
  1. Findings: (1000 words)
  • Organize Findings on the basis of the sub-questions.
  1. Conclusions (250 words)
  2. Bibliography

Australia; The Hot Spot for International Education

Australia wants to use internationalization of higher education as a platform to establish new international relations with other countries to explore new trade and business links with them. The current geo-political situation provides opportunities for Australia to strengthen their position as ‘The Hot Spot for International Education’. At the same time, Australia is facing cut-throat competition from Canada, Germany, China and Other Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The University of Melbourne ranks, according to the ARWU , as Australia’s top university and ranks globally as number 38.
How can the University of Melbourne capitalize the opportunities for Australia and what should its value proposition be?

The main objective of your advisory report is to gain insight into value propositions in the context of international education in order to propose a value proposition for the University of Melbourne to attract international students.

The main research question for your advisory report is:
How can the University of Melbourne adjust its value proposition in order to attract a greater number of international students ? This can be broken down into theoretical and practical questions:
• What does academic literature say about ‘value proposition’ in the context of higher education? (theory related question) (first sub question)
• Students are required to come up with two practical questions. (2 more sub questions)

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Termpaper
Pages / words-8 / 2200
Number of sources-0
Academic level-Freshman (College 1st year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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