Topic: BIM: Concepts and Context

The scenario –

In this assignment, assume that the company you currently work for rely on ‘traditional’ methods of project design. They are considering the move to a BIM-enabled design process and need to understand the implications in terms of:

• collaborative working across design, construction and facilities management teams,

• expanding their staff and training to manage the transition to and ongoing running of BIM-enabled

projects, and

• creating a BIM Execution Plan which will be used for all future projects.

Your response should include the following information:

• An explanation of the key terms and definitions in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and how it relates to the construction industry.

• An explanation of the terms that support BIM dimensions and the key themes surrounding BIM.

• An analysis of the importance of BIM, the ways in which it can be utilised and how key terms should

inform all members of a project team.

• A critical analysis of the impact of BIM on construction and how it can positively affect the phases

of a project.

• A BIM execution plan, critically evaluated and showing an understanding of BIM dimensions’

influence on a project.

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