Topic: Biological Approaches & Attachment Theory(Bowlby & Ainsworth)


1. Reading reflections on the Psychodynamic Theories- 1 page – 5 big ideas; 3 critical questions – one question can be content-oriented and two questions directed toward deepening dialogue among peers about the reading.

This will help us to all come prepared to engage the material for the week and to thoughtfully discuss it with each other.

2. Developmental self-analysis papers – 1-3 pages – developmental self-analysis from the perspective of the theory of Ethological/Attachment(Bowlbian) model.

This is to facilitate self-reflection that is critical for the psychotherapeutic enterprise. It should include a discussion of your own developmental history from the perspective of the theory.

Handbook of Attachment, Third Edition
Cassidy & Shaver (Ch 1-2 pp 3-39, Ch 24 pp 507-533)
Theories of Developmental Psychology
Patricia H. Miller (Ch 5 pp 211-276)

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