Topic: Blood Desert Discussion Paper


you will be reading the next 144 pages of DESERT BLOOD this week. your assignments for this week covers all the pages up to that point and takes us to the end of the book.

Respond to Reading with a quote and a page number

how do you see desert blood illustrating intersectionality and showing us the problem with inequality based on difference and then, and illustrating equality– what does it mean to notice the difference? what does it mean to try to equalize opportunity based on difference?

what questions would you ask the women in the book given a chance for them to be your research subjects (we will start this exercise in class)

please make post 250 words– one page and include AT LEAST 2 quotes from the book with page numbers– you can use chapter numbers to “quote” if you are on kindle

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Type Of Assignment : Discussion Board Post
Subject : Gender,Race,Class,and Sexuality
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Academic Level : Junior(college 3rd year)
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