Topic: Business Analytics Applications coursework assignment

Project Assignment:
The project applies all the concepts of data warehouse design and data mart applications learned in this course. You should illustrate at least four different data sources. Please note the data should have at least 250 or more records. Illustrate these sources with different relational models. Normalize the models to come up with a reconciled schema. Once reconciled, illustrate a suitable fact schema with rationale for denormalization. Give details of data staging. You can use star schema and snowflake schema. Give details of the dimensions, aggregates, and other measures. Implement the main schema in Oracle 12c. Illustrate the applications with suitable two aggregate queries, two join queries, two-three groupings, three materialized views in Oracle. Illustrate any two applications of artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things, machine learning, Hadoop or any other business analytics technique studied in the course. You should present your application with an example or illustration discussion.
Outline of the Project:
I. Introduction – defines the scope of the project
II. Logical Design
Individual Schemas
Reconciled Schema
Pertinent Meta data
Final Conceptual Schemata
Fact Schemata with details of measures and dimensions
Data Staging
III. Business Analytics Applications – What type of application? artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things, machine learning, Hadoop, etc. Give examples.
IV. Implementation
Oracle 12c/19c scripts
V. Conclusion

  • what you have achieved, shortcomings, and scope for improvements.

Hint: You can use MS Excel to generate sample data or download from any publically available data such as stock market, US Census to name a few and import the data to to Oracle. You can use the tutorial as posted under additional resources.

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Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Business
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Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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