Topic : Business and Economics Critical Writing

Writing instructions

Your Task
Select an established entertainment or media organisation/brand as the focus
of this task.

This organisation/brand must have existed prior to “the digital age” and must
operate at a national +/or international level. It must also be sufficiently
established as to provide appropriate and adequate evidence to illustrate and
support the discussion.

Thoroughly research your chosen organisation/brand and the marketing
environment within which it operates, to:

• Critically evaluate the challenges faced by those responsible for
marketing the organisation/brand in the digital era. (50% weighting).
• Critically evaluate the transformations in their marketing practices and
thinking that are occurring in response to changes in the technological
and social environments and the competition and whether they are
adopting an integrative approach.
(50% weighting).

Your work should be underpinned with theory and illustrated with evidence from
a range of recent, credible academic and practitioner sources.

Pages 11 Double spaced(3025 words)
Style and sources Harvard, 30 sources
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Bibliography / Reference page

Study level Bachelor
Assignment type Critical Writing
Subject Business and Economics
Language US

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