Topic: Business case analysis Randstad Holding NV, a Dutch company

Odd Couples
A 29-year-old and a 68-year-old. How much could they possibly
have in common? And what could they learn from each other? At
Randstad USA’s Manhattan office, such employee pairings are
common. One such pair of colleagues sits inches apart facing each
other. “They hear every call the other makes. They read every email the other sends or receives. Sometimes they finish each
other’s sentences.”
Randstad Holding NV, a Dutch company, has been using this
pairing idea since its founding more than 40 years ago. The
founder’s motto was “Nobody should be alone.” The original
intent was to boost productivity by having sales agents share one
job and trade off job responsibilities. Today, these partners in the
home office have an arrangement where one is in the office one
week while the other one is out making sales calls, then the next
week, they switch. The company brought its partner arrangement
to the United States in the late 1990s. But when it began recruiting
new employees, the vast majority of whom were in their twenties,
it realized the challenges and the potential of pairing different
generations together. “Knowing that these Gen Yers need lots of
attention in the workplace, Randstad executives figured that if
they shared a job with someone whose own success depended on
theirs, they were certain to get all the nurturing they required.”
Pairing different generations together at work . . . and making it
Randstad doesn’t simply pair up people and hope it works.
There’s more to it than that! The company looks for people who
will work well with others by conducting extensive interviews
and requiring job applicants to shadow a sales agent for half a
day. “One question Randstad asks is: What’s your most
memorable moment while being on a team? If they respond
‘When I scored the winning touchdown,’ that’s a deal killer.
Everything about our organization is based on the team and

When a new hire is paired with an experienced agent,
both individuals have some adjusting. One of the most interesting
elements of Randstad’s program is that neither person is “the
boss.” And both are expected to teach the other.

Prepare a 2-page paper answering the following questions. Remember,
use 10-12 pt font and APA format! Feel free to bring in outside
data/sources, but please provide citations and a list of references.

  1. What do you think about this pairing-up idea? Would you
    be comfortable with such an arrangement? Why or why
  2. What personality traits would be most needed for this type
    of work arrangement? Why?
  3. What types of issues might a Gen Y employee and an
    older, more-experienced employee face? How could two
    people in such a close-knit work arrangement deal with
    those issues? That is, how could both make the adjustment

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