Topic: business ethics case study report

Business Ethics Case Study Report

Students should select a real ethical dilemma faced by a business or executive. It should not be an example discussed in class, and should be based on information that is already in the public domain.
Students should:
• identify the moral dilemma(s)
• investigate why they are dilemmas
• recommend an approach to solve the problem and justify their recommendation.
The report needs to include:
1) a description of the facts of the case, the importance of the issues, an identification of the key players, and an identification of the decision-point
2) an analysis of the alternative courses of action, and the recommendation.
3) Choose an apply an ethical framework/theory to the issues
4) In the conclusion give a recommendation using analysis

Word count: 2,000 words.

This report should be based on the structure provided in the sample essay (Blackrock). It should highlight, identify and explain the ethical issues such as pollution, deforestation, child labor, bribery, fossil fuels, damage climate etc. faced by companies such as Shell, Glencore, Toyota, amazon or Coca-Cola or (Ferrero USA -who were involved in false advertising and child labor) (we only need to focus on one company!! So you may choose between these depending on which you find more/relevant info) however let me know which company you choose between these and if you wish to use another company not on this list please consult me first. The ethical issues faced by the company should be in recent years (in the past 5 years or so)
The report should then investigate the ethical issues/dilemmas and explain why the company has chosen to do so, the positive and negative implications and investigate these issues. Thereafter you should recommend an approach to solve these ethical issues and provide a justification. The report should also highlight the companies code of ethics and what they have said.
Please use the 2 sample reports as a reference for the structure and content of the report. I have also included documents with different ethical theories that can be used to explain, analyze and investigate the ethical issues/dilemmas.
Please place close detail and reference to the sample essay (Blackrock) that is provided. Follow similar report structure and the contents of the intro, summary, conclusion should be mimicked as well. It provides a great base on what this report should include and talk about. Thank you
The ethical theories that can be used and applied include:
• Virtue ethics
• Consequentialist
• Ethics of Duty
• Utilitarianism
• Anthropocentrism and Ecocentrism.
• The Egoistic Approach
• The Common Good Approach


• There are plenty of ‘historic’ cases (e.g. Nestle’s babyfood scandal, Volkswagen’s emissions scandal) but we encourage you to consider things that are happening in contemporary business

• Examples include: unethical uses of technology, corporate responses to covid or other current subjects.

• Your work is most interesting when the company faces a real choice. Cases where the company has simply broken the law (e.g. Volkswagen) do not present a real dilemma for analysis

• Some companies have multiple ethical problems. However, the wordcount and time limit for your report and presentation mean it’s difficult to cover all of these

• So if you are working on a company with multiple problems, choose the one that you think is most interesting and focus on that.

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