Topic: Business Finance essay

There are two tasks to complete
Prepare a 2,500-word business report for your manager providing analysis and business advice. To prepare the report you will need to complete the two tasks described below addressing the questions asked and following the requirements.
Presentation and format:
Business report with a title page, contents page and clear structure. It must be written in an appropriate business tone with appropriate Harvard reference where
necessary. Note no introduction is required. No marks will be awarded for an
introduction. 5 marks
TASK 1 (60 marks)
Trend Ltd (“TL”) manufactures gym clothing and footwear. It supplies several large design companies who then market the clothes and shoes under their own brands. The company last year had turnover in excess of £300 million. Two key
corporate customers are Tkechers Ltd and Sadidas Ltd.
The company is managed by Arpha, who owns 30% of the shares in the company,
while the remaining 70% is split between four other family members.
The other shareholders are concerned about the business. Although there seems
to be plenty of business coming in and the last year has been reasonably profitable
(Operating profit was £60 million last year before interest and tax), the company’s
debt has increased to £95 million from £60 million the year before. Arpha has
started talking about the need for the other shareholders to invest more money to
reduce the debt.
Towards the end of last year TL acquired a 30% stake in a company which produces
a range of walking clothes and sandals. TL invested £20 million in the company to
acquire the shares and has agreed to pay a £5 million advance fee for exclusive
supply of the products.
The company is owed £10 million pounds for a series of large orders placed by
Tkechers last year. There is also an outstanding dispute about a £12.5 million
delivery to Sadidas completed in 2019. This has led to payment being withheld
while negotiations continue between lawyers and industry consultants.
There is a further problem that Arpha believes the Sadidas issue arose due to the
supply of sub-standard materials by a supplier in 2018. He has refused to pay the
supplier which is now threatening legal action. In the meantime, a large stock of
materials and supplies has built up at the company’s London warehouse. Arpha
insists that the company needs to have this level of stock for when the dispute is
sorted out. He is also reluctant to press his key customers too hard for payment.
The other shareholders have approached TL’s accountants to review the situation.
Prepare a report of up to 1,250 words for the shareholders addressing the following
i. Explain:
a. what is meant by Profit and Cashflow and how they are different
b. what is meant by Working Capital and, the meanings of
Receivables, Inventory and Payables
c. how changes in Working Capital affect Cashflow
(30 marks)
ii. Apply the concepts in (i) above to this company to show how the way
the company is being managed might affect its financial results.
(15 marks)
iii. Analyse and recommend what steps should now be taken to improve
this company’s cash flow through better Working Capital
management. (15 marks)

Type of assignment: coursework

Subject: Business

Pages: 10/2500

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