Topic: Business Model Evaluation for Start-up firm – Strategic Analysis

Guidelines 1. Literature Reviewing

You are expected to make use of relevant literature and to demonstrate this in the project report. Most projects will draw on several different areas of literature, each of which is relevant to your question in different ways. The goal of a literature review is to critically analyses the various bodies of literature, synthesising them into a theoretical argument that informs your project. When you review literature, you are identifying those writers whose ideas are useful in laying the foundation for your own work.

Evidence of reflection on your learning should be included in the final write-up of the project. It should be clear from your critical engagement with literature and other information sources how your ideas have developed.

2. TheWrite-up–AReflectionofYourLearning

In your project report, the learning objectives should be central to the whole argument: the literature review should reflect the learning objectives.

As with the structure of the report, the language you use should be carefully chosen. For example, in an action learning report it may be appropriate to write in the first person, whereas in theory testing projects, the use of the third person may be more appropriate. In general, the language should be inspired by academic article writing (and possibly business writing) rather than journalistic or textbook styles, but it should also feel comfortable for you to use.

3. SourcesofSupportandGuidance

In undertaking your project, you have access to the main sources of support and guidance:

1. The recommended text, Saunders M, Lewis P, and Thornhill A (2007)Research Methods for Business Students. London:Prentice-Hall.

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