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Group project – 2020-21
Project “CARE-NET”
You are a team of consultants and have been approached by Nottingham City Council and the NHS trust to design and set up a high technology system for caring for the old and vulnerable in the community in the city of Nottingham and its suburbs.
As you may know the Hospitals often experience “Bed Blocking” by old and vulnerable patients who are not able to be discharged back to the community due to a shortage of care home places or noone to look after them at home. One possible option is to use modern technology to help alleviate this problem and the problem of loneliness and isolation of these people.
Your remit is to produce the operations plan for the council/NHS trust to implement that will be economical to set up and run, yet provide high quality services to the people being cared for. The intention is that most will be able to stay in their own homes whilst a smaller number may have to be moved to more appropriate accommodation (sheltered accommodation). The control centre and base for the caring team may be at the same location, or not.
The pilot scheme will be for approximately 100 patients and will be reviewed after 6 months of operation and again after 12 months. If it is deemed to be successful the project will be expanded to cover Nottingham city and its suburbs (phase 2). Phase three will expand into the rural communities around Nottingham city. Whilst your remit is for phase 1 you must build into your operations plan capacity to expand if successful. Ultimately, if successful, the system will be rolled out nationally and internationally. Remember Brexit. You will need to be aware of supply chains that run into Europe that may be affected.
key aspects are:
A blend of high technology and professional carers to support older and vulnerable people.
Uses internet based communications/IoT
Uses carers to visit 3 (or more) times per day (typically morning to help get up, washed, dressed and breakfasted; lunch/main meal; evening for evening meal and to wash and get ready for bed).
To be available for emergency call outs.
Monitor health, wellbeing, medicine usage and to be alert for accidents.
Provide a high level of social communication/activities daily
Provide links/communications/information to their GP, nurse, hospital etc.
Modify their existing homes, where suitable, to allow the individuals to remain at home where their memories and routines are. (modify shower/bath/toilet, bedroom, living room)
What will be needed will include:
A central control centre
A team of carers
An emergency response team(s) e.g. paramedics and vehicles
ICT – internet access, computer, Smart TV, webcam(s), smart phone, specialist apps, voice recognition and control software, Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Vehicles to move staff and patients around.
Meals to be provided from a central kitchen
Cloths to be laundered centrally
Cleaning, bedding change once per week (or as needed).
Day centre (optional)
Collect, store and analyse data from the systems installed to help improve the service and develop new ways of providing high quality care in the future.
What will be needed will be an Operations Plan. The operations plan will include the following:
The overall operations strategy – how do you recommend the council operate, (High quality, low cost or what?)
Process design including defining the network of supplier types (food supply chain, medicines supply chain etc.)
The location of the facility(s) to be built
The capacity planning of the facility (current capacity needs and future expansion requirements)
Inventory management strategies
Forecasting and demand management strategies (you may need to research this and suggest possible options as to how you will monitor and improve your forecasting and demand planning)
Budgeting and Costing
Logistics and transport
Quality issues and quality improvement
Risk management and risk mitigation strategies
Sustainability issues of the whole value chain
Business ethics/CSR this may include traceability/provenance of products
International Market entry strategies – look at the impact of trying to expand your services to your near neighbours in the region and other parts of the world such as USA, Japan and other developed economies.

Additional information
Each home will need to be set up with a basic kit and optional additions.
Suggestions of what goes into the basic home kit?
PC with monitor
Smart TV linked to PC
smart phone with health monitoring apps
voice activated microphone
internet doorbell
internet fire alarm/CO2 alarm/intruder detector

Suggestions of what home options will be needed?
shower/bath support or walk in shower.
refreshment centre with kettle/water boiler, tea/coffee, cups, water, snacks
bedroom modifications
Smart electric wheelchair
Smart central heating/air-conditioning
ramps for access/egress
health monitors (internet enabled) e.g. blood sugar, fall, heart rate, temperature, movement etc.
Conversation robot – a mannequin that has limited movement but linked to chatterbot software and can generate speech.

suggestions of what the control centre will need:
what will be needed in the control centre?
ICT equipment ❖ Furniture ❖ kitchen?
medical supplies?
internet access, telephones and radios?
office space
Meeting/training rooms
staff facilities – kitchen/dining area/waiting/exercise area
ICT support office

Suggestions of what the sheltered accommodation will need:
see above

The day centre will need:
accessible doors, toilets etc.
Games areas
TV studio to webcast to people at home.
Dining area

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