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For your final project paper, you will prepare a Business Plan. Think of a financial venture that you always wanted to start and develop a business plan to be your blueprint. The Chapter 10 presentation will provide an excellent guide. All sections of a business plan as described in the presentation are equally important, however, for the purposes of this project you will include only the sections listed below:

The Executive Summary
The Business
The Market Analysis
Organizational Plan
Marketing Plan
Financial Plan
Perform the following calculations for inclusion in the appropriate section of your plan:

Marketing Plan:
You completed your market analysis, and after your market segmentation calculations discovered that your population was 100,000 individuals. The selling price of your product is $80.00 each.
Based on the adoption-diffusion curve, what revenue can you expect to generate in the first month of the business?
Financial Plan:
You have approached a venture capitalist for funding and to calculate the initial value of the company, you both agree that the company will be valued at $500,000 in 5 years. You are asking the VC for $50,000 startup funds.
What is the pre-money valuation of your company?
The paper should be APA formatted, 5 pages long (including cover page and reference page), and written in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Other Requirements:

Verify the criteria used to assess your assignment in order to learn how to obtain the maximum points on your assignment. Assignments are assessed either by a provided rubric or by point distribution.

Type of assignment: essay

Subject: Business

pages: 5/1375

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