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Applied Discussion

Vignette: Your client, Camila, has recently completed an interest inventory and has a meeting scheduled with you to discuss the results. Before the meeting, you review her results and see that her scores do not align with one of her career interests, specifically the job of plumber.

The way this interest inventory works is by matching up clients, based on their responses to test items, with jobs where the people doing that job report similar answers to the same test items. According to the results, her profile is not similar to the average profile of a plumber.

If we assume that the test is somewhat robust, what are some potential reasons that Camila’s profile on the test is not aligning with her interest?

What personal information do you think is relevant to helping Camila find a career match that might not be reflected in the interest inventory?

Finally, what principles of testing and assessment might be most relevant to the problem described above?

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