Topic: Can using more non-lethal force benefit with community policing?

Can using more non-lethal force benefit with community policing?

How does lethal force affect community policing efforts?

Is non-lethal force always the better option?

In today’s society, is lethal needed more than non-lethal?

How does the new generation view lethal and non-lethal force?

What would you do differently to conduct this research and find answers (results) to the research question? How would you use different methods to test the research? You will write an eight-page research design paper where you will discuss your original ideas (your proposed research methodology) for testing the selected hypotheses and theory.
You will decide what is needed to improve this particular research and/or what new hypotheses, theory and/or strategy (methods) for conducting the research will be.Your paper should include the following (consider using these as headings):
(1) Identification of the Research Topic/Problem(2) Review of the Current Literature on the topic(3) Summary of the research critique(4) Reasons for why you see a need to improve the research(5) Your proposed theory and hypotheses(6) Your proposed strategy (the research methods) for analyzing the data and finding new or more conclusive results, (i.e. how you will conduct the research?)(7) What your expectations are (what you expect to find when you evaluate the data with the new hypotheses, theory and methods?).
You are required to use three outside scholarly references along with your textbook to support your methodology and expectations. This paper is to be presented in the APA format.
Your papers must meet the following requirements:
Written in APA 6th Edition format.
Part I must be a minimum of 2 pages excluding cover page and reference page.
Part II must be a minimum 8 pages including cover page and reference page.
Must be on a pre-approved topic related to the police use of lethal and non-lethal force. 
Must have a title page in APA format.
Must have a reference page in APA format.
Must have a minimum of 3 acceptable references listedand cited in the body of the work. You are highly encouraged to exceed the minimum reference count.
You may not use web pages as sources or references. You are allowed to use your course text as a source and scholarly sources found through GALILEO or the University’s electronic library.
Double spacing is required between sentences and paragraphs per APA guidelines.
Use Times New Roman 12 font when preparing your paper.
Must demonstrate the ability to utilize short quotes, and summary/paraphrase in APA format.
 Plagiarism will not be tolerated…your paper must properly document all ideas and information not your own. Plagiarism or academic dishonesty may result in a failing grade for this course. Other sanctions may be imposed based on University policy. See your syllabus and the University’s Academic Catalog for additional information.
Do not attempt to copy and paste your research paper from research papers or essays available online. The instructor will diligently check all papers for plagiarism.
Use of proper grammar, correct spelling, and writing principles are expected in all work.
Full credit will not be granted for work that contains grammatical or spelling errors. In the event a student does not feel competent in this area he/she should discuss the matter with their instructor or advisor.

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Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
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