Topic: Canadian Urban geography assignment


Description: This is the first episode of a six-part series made of Canadian television in the 1960s and based largely upon Mumford’s 1961 book, The City in History. FIND a chapter of this onto the Moodle page. The planning dilemmas are dramatised by the struggles over the redevelopment of the Lower West Side of New York City in the 1960s.

This video is a remarkable document of that: Play Video You can read a little more about her ideas in her book of 1961, The Death and Life of Great American Cities. The introduction to the book is uploaded to the Moodle page. You can find it in the folder of pdfs for Part I. Now, read the article on redlining by Hernandez, “Redlining Revisited”, uploaded under the readings in Part 1.

This will provide you with a case study on a process known as redlining and the role of urban planning in producing inequality and segregation based on race. Also, use the following link to an interactive map, which will allow you to explore the reasons for redlining in specific localities in the United States. Having looked at the videos and the readings, answer this question using the arguments of Mumford, Jacobs, and Hernandez to illustrate or to challenge your argument – In what ways might town planning harm or benefit cities? (50 marks) What is redlining and how does this process produce racialized segregation in housing and inequality? (50 marks). Include examples from the readings, links, and videos to support your arguments. The essay should be between 1500 and 1,700 words. The essay should be properly referenced and should be your own work.

1-page summaryProvide 275 words summarizing the paper and upload it in a separate file

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