Topic: Case Study RST Carports Business Essay


This assignment will allow students to discuss how leadership styles, management styles, and types of power might affect the success of an organization. The following once stable organization (RST) has recently reversed direction and is now struggling to survive. Students are being asked to review some of the organization’s data from the past several years and recommend some changes that might reverse the negative trends in the metrics provided in the Excel spreadsheet.


For this assignment, the student will write an 1100-word assessment in strict 7th edition APA format of their findings and recommendations for improvement at the RST Company and the reason for each recommendation.There will be a title page required, but no abstract. Perform academic research by selecting four peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles (these must be PRE-APPROVED) and the Satterlee text. Using the information above and the included bar charts, determine what needs to happen to return this company to its past success.
Use the following headings to complete the assignment:
Title page
RST Carports and Metal Roofing
Experience Levels of Employees
How Leadership Styles Could Have Affected the Change at RST
How Management Decision Styles Could Have Affected the Change at RST
How Types of Power Could Have Affected the Change at RST
A Pareto Analysis of the Three Main Problems That Could Have Affected the Change at RST

Type of service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Essay
Subject : Business
Pages / words : 4/1100
Number Of Sources : 5
Academic Level : Doctoral
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : US English

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