Topic : choose a social policy issue and a benchmark country


The student will choose a social policy issue and a benchmark country. This benchmark should be presented to and approved by the instructor. The student will carry out a policy analysis of the benchmark. At the end of the analysis, the student will assess whether, why and how this benchmark is relevant for UAE. Finally, the student will propose policy recommendations based on this benchmark.

The document will be presented as a policy memo.

While conducting the info on the report kindly add these points
Topic Employment of people with disabilities in the UAE with a benchmark with (UK -Remploy program

  • Define the problem and its size in the UAE context, argument and statistics about the issue
  • Chose 2 main issues related to the topic: 1. Not qualified graduate student for high school and lack of support to continue higher education and 2. less employment opportunities for people with disability (evidence from articles and arguments, statistics)
  • Indicate figures and information about the government budget and spending on relative to average OCED countries
  • How much a country spends on tackling issue?
  • What are the government programs, initiatives and policies? what is the Outcome of these programs? Did it work?
  • Evaluation of these policies or issues?
  • Is the governments pending enough on these programs, is the programs need to developed compared to the benchmark (specify and why)? (should double the spending)?

Benchmark: Chose country (UK -Remploy program) about their program that help employment, what is the program, the element, when it starts and evaluation and recommendations

Pages 4 Double spaced(1100 words)
Style and sources APA7, 1 source
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Bibliography / Reference page

Study level Master
Assignment type Assessment
Subject Social Sciences
Language US

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