Topic: Collection and analysis of secondary data

Part A: Research skills (65%)

Answer the Question for the research method that you have chosen:

Collection and analysis of secondary data

Imagine that you have chosen to do a research project based on secondary data and materials using the briefing paper, ‘Measuring progress and human development’.

You would like to make use of this report as a key source for your project.

Read the briefing paper and then do the following:

  • i.Define a manageable research topic, with a possible research question related to the report. The research topic should be related to economic welfare.
  • ii.Search for two further sources that will be useful in elaborating your project; you should provide references for these, and explain the criteria you used in selecting them and how they relate to your research topic.
  • iii.Provide a written statement explaining how you would design your case study, specifying the sections into which the study would be divided.

Word limit: 1100 words

(65 marks)

Part B: Group Working (15%)

Follow all the instructions (a) to (d) in this part.

  • a.Write a short summary of your current ideas about the research question, methods and analysis to be used, and some possible conclusions that might follow. Mention also the main significant risk or challenge to the project at this stage and say how you might address it. (Up to 600 words.)

Part C: Initial Research Plan (20%)

Write a report summarising the following elements:

  1. Your research question.
  2. The theory and literature review which should include at least two references that underpin your empirical work. This should focus on theory and materials from the course but should also bring in related outside reading on theory, policy and debates.
  3. A description of your empirical analysis, which might include:
    1. a.a description of your research method and data used
    1. b.a reflection on how your empirical analysis contributes to answering your research question.
  4. A statement of some possible or preliminary findings, such as reflections on a pilot interview, a piece of evidence relating to a case study or the results of a regression equation.
  5. Reflections on the comments by others, if any, on your initial ideas in Part B. If you have not received any comments on your summary, reflect on how the process of reading other students’ summaries and commenting on them has made you revise your own project (or not).
  6. A timetable indicating the points in time by when various aspects of the research will be completed.

Word limit: 750 words

(20 marks)

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: business

Pages: 10/2500

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