Topic: Collective Bargaining in College Dorms

Consider these questions pertaining to the case while considering HR in the public sector.

1. What are some of the unintended consequences of the university’s position in this dispute?
2. From an HR perspective, is the university adding risk by contributing to an escalation of the conflict?
3. Did either side convince you of their position by their words and actions?
4. What recommendations would you make to the university and the union at this point in the case?
5. A labor-management stakeholder can be a person, group or organization who affects or can be affected by a labor-management relationship.
6 Who are the stakeholders in this case? Explain the interests of these stakeholders.
7. How can these stakeholders influence this labor-management dispute?
8. What do you think were the key factors in getting both sides to agree to begin contract negotiations?
9. What role does a bargaining committee play in contract negotiations?
10. What role could HR play in contract negotiations?

Course Text:
Berman, Bowman, West, Wart (2020). Human Resource Management in Public Service. Thousand Oaks: Sage [978-5063-8233-3]


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