Topic: Community Health Profile essay

Introduce your Community Health Profile and its role in the health OR social care planning process you are developing (about 200 words);

2. Identify which geographic area you select and give a brief justification for its selection (200-300 words);

3. Identify the chronic disease condition you have selected, why and its epidemiology in the region you have identified (250-350 words);

4. Identify the demographic groups in the area that you think are likely to be most affected by this chronic disease condition, why and estimate their numbers (300-350 words).

5. Summarise the availability of key services in that geographic area and any service gaps that may exist in order to fully meet current and emerging service demand for your chronic disease condition (250-350 words);

6. Outline the key health OR social care planning elements you see as necessary to improve the community health status of the group you have identified (300-350 words).

7. Provide a brief conclusion to your plan, this may include comment on future directions for health planning in your selected area and chronic disease (about 200 words)

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Healthcare

Pages: 8/2200

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