Topic: Compare and contrast the Gospel of Mark with Matthew

MLA format
Be sure to develop the following in your paper:
● Are there any clues within the gospel text about the setting or time of writing? What do at least three scholars for each of your two gospel texts say about the purpose and setting of the writing (so, in total, six cited conclusions).
● Trace the developing plot or movement of the text, including where you place the turning point, climax, and resolution/dénouement. According to your plotting for each Gospel, why is Jesus crucified? How is it that the one who heals many, pronounces God’s forgiveness to those regarded as “sinners,” draws both rich and poor into his group of followers, and reconciles people of contrasting or even conflicting backgrounds and statuses into a new solidarity of love and obedience – by what logic can such a person end up being executed on a cross?
● In accord with your plotting, what can you discern about Jesus’s character or values? How do you describe any links between what Jesus says and what he does? How does the end or ending of the narrative affect the presentation of Jesus in earlier parts of the plot?
● Who is God or the Ultimate Deity? How does Jesus relate in each Gospel to this Ultimate or God? Does he speak and/or act for God?
● How are Jesus’s followers characterized in each gospel? How much do they seem to understand the ‘truth’ of Jesus or who Jesus represents himself to be by the end of the text?
● Are there any clues in each of the gospel texts regarding its implied audience? What action or reaction, if any, does each gospel expect of their readers?7 | Page
● Is truth defined in the text? If so, how is Jesus related to this truth? How does he ‘know the truth,’ and does the text thus expect its readers to ‘know the truth’ by reading this text?

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Religion

Pages: 15/4125

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