Topic : Complete a Health Care Proxy form for yourself

Writing instructions
Required Assignment: Self-Reflection
Complete a Health Care Proxy form for yourself and decide who (up to two persons) would be
your health care agent. Your paper should discuss the following:

  1. What feelings did this raise for you? What did you grapple with? How did you make your
  2. Do you think this experience will influence your practice with seriously ill persons? If
    no, why not? If yes, how do you think it will influence your practice?
  3. Did you complete the section on your wishes about nutrition and hydration? Why or why
  4. Who did you choose to be your health care agent? Why did you choose this person? Are
    you confident that this person will advocate for what you want? Do you think this would
    be hard for them? Is there anyone who will be hurt that you did not choose them as your
    health care agent?
  5. Did you engage the person you decided to choose as your healthcare agent in a
    conversation about your wishes?
    Your paper should reflect critical thinking. Include references from the literature as necessary
    and useful

Pages 4 Double spaced(1100 words)
Style and sources APA7, 1 source
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Study level Master
Assignment type Essay
Subject Healthcare
Language US

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