Topic : Contemporary Families Social Sciences Critical Writing

Each week, synthesize and critically evaluate the ideas in the readings in a two page paper in APA style. Less than two pages is too short. Three full pages is too long. Questions to consider: what is/are the main theme(s)? Are there discordant findings/ideas/theories about this topic?What are the assumptions? How can these research findings be applied in practice or policy?Develop a thesis about the main ideas from the week in order to answer the guiding question. Use the body of your paper to support your thesis using evidence from the readings. Use APA in-text citations. A list of references is not needed – the week’s readings are your references. Do not use any additional readings. Limit direct quotations to very short phrases if any must be included.

Pages 2 Double spaced(550 words)
Style and sources APA7, 3 sources
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Title page

Bibliography / Reference page

Study level Master
Assignment type Critical Writing
Subject Social Sciences
Language US

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