Topic: Contextual Studies art research paper

The research needs to contain 50 years of historical branding. The research need to be a narrative
one and explain what happened, when and why, as well as its context, cultural and political.
-Discuss the social, historical and cultural context of historical Branding,
theories and practices.

  • Discuss how key social, historical and cultural contexts relate to branding theories and
    practices.- This should be 2 pages
    Research the designer Ivan Chermayeff: aspects to be considered – Who is the designer?
  • Where is the designer from?
  • Is he a contemporary artist?
  • How is he related to branding?
  • What techniques is he using?
  • How is he using them?
    -How does the designer reflect the influences of their life and experiences;
    -How do the experiences and the expectations of the viewer influences the reading of the artwork
    and the construction of personal meaning;
  • How does the designer communicates his personal stories, thoughts, feelings and ideas; 1
    page research
    The artwork here is the National Geographic and NBC logo- aspects to be
    What type of logo is;
    When was created,
    Why was. Created;
    Which context is responding to;
    Cultural Context:
  • How does the artwork communicate about the influences of society and the time when it was
  • How does its values compares to the values of today;
  • How do the cultural values and background of the viewer influence the interpretation of
  • How have historical and contemporary events contributed to the meaning of the artwork?
    Explain how the work of the designer may comment on issues in society
    2 pages.

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Type of assignment: Research paper
Subject: Art
Pages/words: 5/1375
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Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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