Topic: Create 3 Menu’s that meet the Covid Serving Restrictions for a Concert Venue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Compile three food and beverage menu’s for an opening music arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for re-opening amid Covid restrictions with food handling and current restrictions in Toronto. Two menu’s will be within a Covid setting and one concession stand menu for a non-covid restricted setting.

Menu 1:

– VIP Menu
o Include 5 unique signature craft cocktails
 How will they be made
 How will they be served to patrons in a covid setting and following Toronto, Ontario, Canada protocols for food service.
o Include 10-12 higher end menu items for serving in the VIP areas of the concert arena
 How will they be made
 How will they be served
 How will they be packaged due to current Covid restrictions in Toronto, Canada.

Menu 2:

– Standard Concession Stand Menu
o Include 8-10 Concession style food options
 How will they be made
 How will they be served
 How will they be packaged
 How will they minimize patron to employee distance
 How will they comply to current Covid restrictions inside Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Menu 3:

– Include 8-10 Concession style food options (in a NON Covid world) that would work well in a concert arena setting that are more higher end then your typical pizza, chicken tenders, pretzels, popcorn, etc.
 How will they be made
 How will they be served
 How will they be packaged

Your client is Live Nation Entertainment Canada, the leader in Live Entertainment. Toronto, Ontario, Canada is opening a new 2,500 person music venue that will have several VIP areas that need to have elevated menu options that are easy to create and make but appear high end. There is not a lot of table space in the VIP areas so they also cannot be on large plates. You also need to be mindful of price of the product to make the food, the type of non-reusable serving ware, and the return of investment on the menu items. Look at elevated serving ideas from paper/plastic higher end providers. Complete a basic pricing guideline as to what you would charge for the item, an estimate of the cost to produce the menu item, and what the percentage of return is.

Take this same process and create 5 high end cocktail beverages that will most likely need to be pre-made or ready to be served in allowance to covid restrictions.

Then do the same process as for the VIP food menu for the Concession Stand menu. Even though the concession stand menu will be less luxurious as the VIP menu – it should still be elevated given the fact that this is a new signature music venue inside Canada and it is to be the BEST music venue in Toronto and should have offering better then the competitors.

Provide examples/pictures of select utensils, paperware, serving containers/dishes/etc. for each item. Think about some options being shareable, vegetarian options, and gluten free options.

This is to be done as an insightful but impactful and catchy PowerPoint.

There is no minimum amount of slides. However, the slides need to be NOT too busy and convey all the necessary information listed above.

No requirements for Font.
No requirements for citation. Last slide should just include a copied link of the website where the images or materials for the PowerPoint came from.

Review Live Nation Entertainment website for an understanding of the concerts they put on.
Review Ontario, Canada Covid restrictions for serving food and beverages at 50% of capacity or smaller

*Review websites that show higher end serving materials that are inexpensive and non-reusable, show pictures in PowerPoint Slide and include website links in final PowerPoint Slide.

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