Topic: Critique On Levin and Thomas (1997)/Kakar (1998) Experimental Designs.


Read, especially, the methods sections of the Levin & Thomas (1997), and the Kakar (1998) articles. Pay special attention to the parts and types of experimental research design,

(a) propose an improvement to Levin and Thomas’ (1997) experimental design.

(b) propose an improvement to Kakar’s (1998) experimental design.

[*Remember to synthesize, hybridize, and apply the ideas about experiments from our readings in your response.]

A good answer does at least:

1, Provide a summary of each studies research design and contrast the designs

2, Introduce, hereby, the definitions and ideas behind each type of design (using the course materials)

3, Highlight the strength and weaknesses of each design method (use the criteria introduced in the section readings)

4, Propose improvements to both studies (refer back to the weaknesses in each design)

5, Conclude by assessing which study design was stronger (in your opinion but based on criteria introduced in the readings)

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Type Of Assignment : Article critique
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Pages / words : 2/550
Number Of Sources : 5
Academic Level : Master’s
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : US English

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