Topic: Cultivating Creative Thinking Business Coursework

This activity is an opportunity for you to determine your awareness of the 4P’s in relation to a creative, well-known personality.

  1. Select a creative person. Choose a creative person from the list below. Please note that each famous person is representative of a specific generation.
    o Traditionalist/Mature (before 1945): Albert Einstein, Orville and Wilbur Wright
    o Baby Boomer (1946-1960): Steve Jobs
    o Generation X (1961-1980): Elon Musk
    o Generation Y (1981-2000): Mark Zuckerberg, Leila Janah
    o Generation Z (2001-present): Jordan Jones
  2. Post in the discussion topic. In one paragraph, assess the personality of the famous person that you selected by identifying their skills, abilities and attributes.

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