Your third writing assignment is to be a cross-cultural comparison of how a theme, relative to a culture’s specific context, can be represented through the arts. You will compare and contrast two artworks from two different cultures that both deal with a specific theme. Analyze how the two cultures express that theme using peer reviewed sources. Based on the theme (selected from the list below), sources, and images you find, this paper should present an argument, or thesis, sensitive to historical context, approach, execution, and final appearance of artworks in two cultures. For instance, how do the political, social, economic, religious, and/or cultural ideas influence the aesthetic elements of art and approaches to the theme? Your analysis should address the importance of cultural perspective in artistic representations through comparative analysis of salient connections and/or differences between the examples. Your paper should draw information from your textbooks as well as from at least 3 outside, peer-reviewed sources to situate your images and theme in factual, thematic, historic context. You must use books and print resources or find peer-reviewed sources and academic sources

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Art

Pages: 5/1375

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