Topic: Designing and delivering safe healthcare

A report on designing and delivering safe and effective health care, including challenges to
identifying, reporting and responding to errors and near misses. You should include links to
your professional standards. It should link to an appendix containing a statement of events
related to an example of poor practice.
This report could be structured like this:

  1. Introduction. Students should outline what this report will cover, introduce concepts
    and terms (150 words)
  2. Discussion of factors that contribute to safe healthcare (LO 1), linking to key
    examples at National level (eg Mid-Staffs report) and key profession-specific
  3. Building safety in practice (LO 2). Analysis of how individuals, effective/ineffective
    teams impact on safe care. Higher levels roles (employers, PSRBs – can they really
    keep patients safe?)
  4. Discussion of your personal attributes (leadership, confidence, speaking out) that
    strengthen your contribution to safe care – link to examples eg medication errors,
    wrong treatment, safeguarding, the statement of events (if you attach one), (LO 5).
  5. Managing the complex and evolving healthcare environment, while improving safety
    and good care (LO 6)
  6. Conclusion (So what? Now what?)
    You are able to choose what situation/scenario you write your report on – this is to keep the
    assessment real to practice, as health professionals often have to respond to an investigation
    and write a report days/weeks or months after an event from the notes that they had
    written when delivering the care.
    If you use an example of a near miss or incident from practice, then you can supply a
    statement of events, to explain the issue that you are discussing. The statement should be
    written in first person and will be attached as an appendix.
    Alternatively, provide a high level summary of a specific error that relates to your
    Appendices are NOT included in the word count.
    A template for reporting errors in the clinical environment will be uploaded to the Moodle
    site. This replicates an in hospital incident report and can be used to create your own
    statement of events. The aim of this is to support your 1500-word report and includes
    relevant information on how to complete it correctly. The ‘Description’ section should be an
    objective and factual account of what happened during the episode of poor practice.
    This report must be supported by relevant references. Your references could include the
    professional Codes, NHS Constitution and any other key information relating to the domains.

Type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: nursing

Pages: 6/1500

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