Topic: Digital transformation project in a specific organization


Identify a digital transformation project in a specific organization, this can be:

– a project that has actually been implemented, that you know about based on your direct experience as an employee, or that you have come to know about (see also the links at the bottom)

– A project that you imagine an organization might do, based on your knowledge of that organization, even if only as a client.

and (making explicit as many assumptions as you feel necessary, to compensate for the inevitable limited knowledge of the project that you may have) write an essay of no more than 3500 words in which:

1. describe the context of the organization: its strategy its customers/suppliers and its competitors (indicative 600 words)

2. Describe the components of digital transformation using the framework of the socio-technical model presented in class (see the files uploaded) (approx. 1500 words).

3. In particular, to describe the technology component of the model, use the Digital Technology Architecture framework (approx. 400 words).

4. discuss the implications for human resource management arising from the digital transformation project, using the relationship between “information resource” management and “human resource management” as the key to understanding it (approx. 800 words).

Below are links to web pages where some digital transformation projects are briefly described (the links also refer to projects related to the HR function, but you can choose projects that do not directly concern the HR function):

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