Topic: Discuss the Irish Oats company Flahavan’s – Strategic management

Assignment Brief

Discuss the Irish Oats company Flahavan’s ( under the following headings.

Company profile & business strategy
Company core competences and culture
Current strategic position
Porters generic model
Application of Ansoff matrix

Critical success factors of the company
Product diversification strategy & target market penetration
Possible future strategic options

    Submissions will have a guide of 3,000 words and must be submitted through TURNITIN.

Appendices will not contribute to your word count but may be included to support findings and referencing.
10% per section and 10% for editing, presentation & referencing is the weighting of marks.

Heading to be used in this project


Company profile and business strategy

Corporate strategy is “charting the future direction of a company by developing long-term goals that reflect stakeholders’ interests and achieve sustainable competitive advantage”.

Company culture and core competency

Leadership and Organisational Culture. “A pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, which has worked well enough to be considered valid and, therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems” Schein (2010:18)

Current strategic position

Porter’s Generic Model

Examining the Business Environment: Environmental Scanning is the process of collecting information about the forces operating in the business environment
It should be an ongoing process in every organisation
Macro environment – global and national
Micro environment – industry level

Ansoff Matrix

There are a number of different strategy directions available
These can be used singly, or most likely in combination
They are underpinned by the capability of the organisation and require an innovative approach to succeed

Critical Success Factors

Product diversification strategy and target market

“Diversification is a strategy whereby a company expands from being a single business operation into different businesses of varying relatedness”
Two main types: Related (horizontal and vertical) and Unrelated
Diversification requires different types of managerial skills and corporate parenting

Possible future strategic options

Evaluating an Organisation’s Strategic Capability. 

In order to avail of opportunities, an organisation must have the necessary strategic capability
The company must examine its current strategy, along with the resources it has (or can obtain)
It must also examine its competences in using those resources

This to be suggestion, if you are manager/owner what should you do next to grow the business. Where is that window of opportunity?

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