Topic : Disease Issues In The News Health and Medicine Article

Writing Exercises

You will complete article reviews on disease issues in the news. Each review is due towards the end of a section in the course and must relate to a disease or affected organ system. You may choose your own articles. Successful reviews must respond to each of the following areas. You are encouraged to use the headings listed below in your completed assignment.
Tell the reader exactly what the news article is about. Write a summary paragraph or two, in your own words, about the news article. Do not copy verbatim from the article.
Why did you choose the news article and why how is it important to society? Think about whom this disease impacts now and moving forward. Will this disease impact you in any way?
Personal Response
Tell me about your personal response to the article? Was the news article interesting to you? Do you think it covered an important topic? How might it have been improved to make for better reading? Questions such as these are all fair game for your personal response.
Describe the disease
● Etiology and mechanism of disease
● Signs and symptoms
● Diagnostic methods
● Pathology, pathophysiology, systems affected
● Prognosis, treatments, might we expect a chronic phase?
● Public health impact; who does this affect, how, why, where?
● Technological and research advancements on the horizon.

Assignment Writing Specifications:
● News Article:
○ You may choose your news article from a number of sources: newspapers (NY Times, USA
Today, etc.), weekly news magazines, MMWR reports, or professional news sources on the
internet. The articles must have been published within the last six months.
● Sources:
○ As a reminder, please make sure to cite all sources and provide in-text citations as necessary.
Your paper will be submitted through a program designed to catch plagiarism.
○ Minimum of five sources total.
○ To describe the disease, students should rely on academic literature and reputable information
■ Rely on published literature from academic journals as much as possible. Often, when
you find information on a website (like the CDC) they have gathered that from their own
published literature. Look for a citation or PDF that you can use as your source, instead
of citing the URL.
■ Four sources must be from a scholarly journal.
● Citation:
○ The paper and bibliography should be formatted in APA style.
○ Please provide sub-headings to organize your material.
○ If you are not familiar with APA style, I recommend reviewing directions through the Purdue
Online Writing Lab (OWL). They cover all the requirements extensively and provide useful
● Grades are based on content (70%), and Mechanics (30%).
● All reviews must be written in professional prose. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be
consistent with professional standards.

Pages 4 Double spaced(1100 words)
Style and sources APA7, 4 sources
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Title page

Bibliography / Reference page

Study level College
Assignment type Essay
Subject Social Sciences
Language US

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