Topic: Disruptive or Sustaining Technology

Read the product examples document and for each product innovation:

  1. Determine whether they are disruptive or sustaining technology? Explain. (minimum of one paragraph of 4-8 sentences for each product)
  2. Would any of the other models (other than Christensen’s) describe each product innovation? (such as Abernathy-Clark or Value chain) Explain.

Models of Innovation.pdf

Christensen product examples.docx

(minimum of one paragraph of 3-8 sentences for each product for each question)

Here are two optional articles that may help in defining the terms:
Disruptive vs. Sustaining Innovation _ Deloitte Israel.pdf

For a deeper dive in a more recent article from Christensen, et. al.

What Is Disruptive Innovation_HBR.pdf

Assignment 3 – The Innovation Value Chain.pdf

Assignment 3 – Innovation and knowledge creation .pdf

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