Topic: Divided government and party polarization


Divided government and party polarization have become increasingly prevalent in the United States since WWII. Explain your positons and support your arguments for all questions below. As always, you should utilize the information/data from the resources provided:
• Explain what “divided government” and “party polarization” are.
• What impact does each of these (divided government and party polarization) have on the political process and American citizens’ level of trust in the Congress and the President?
• In your opinion, which one – divided government or party polarization – makes it more difficult for government to properly address the needs of the American people?
• Which branch do you believe is most responsible for the negative environment that has been created in Washington D.C. during the Obama administration? Why?
• What do you think can and should be done to bring the President and Congress together to address the needs and concerns of the American people?


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