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Please include citations whenever appropriate. If in doubt, cite!

Unless you already have a strong preference, just use the format used in law journal articles – the Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. Some basic examples of how to cite the most common types of sources (e.g., court cases, law journal articles and newspaper articles, books, internet sources, and statutes), which generally do not change in citation format from one edition of the Bluebook to the next, are at

For a book, the source citation would be the author, title, date of publication, and page number.

For an article, the source citation would include the author, the title, the name of the journal in which the article appears, the volume and page number where the information is found, and the date of publication.

For a website, the source citation must include the name of the person or organization that takes responsibility for the information, the title or subject of the information, the precise URL page on which that specific piece of information is found, and the date on which it is accessed.

A good way to see how law is cited is to look at one or two of my articles. Many of my articles are at

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