Topic : Drama Discussion Board Post

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Each journal post needs to be a MINIMUM of 500 words to receive credit. Reflective of how you feel about what you are learning, what you are seeing, and how you feel you are doing. For example a good post states more than, “I’m feeling stressed!”. In that respect, it becomes a therapeutic and helpful reflection of what’s causing you stress and requires thinking about how you might handle it. That’s only one example. You could write about something you saw on TV that made you think (child abduction, the child immigrant situation, child abuse, a new pediatric health initiative or program), or something you read in the news or online, or something from your reading or a guest speaker for class. What was your opinion or impression about this topic? Do you have a personal insight into this topic? How so? Anything that made you go “hmmmm”….is usually a good topic.

Can you please write separate into 3 journals based on the instructions above so TOTAL 3 journals

Pages 1 Double spaced(275 words)
Style and sources MLA, 1 source
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Study level College
Assignment type Discussion Board Post
Subject Drama
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