Topic: Economics Discussion coursework assignment

Go to the internet and find a news article published within the last month that discusses balancing the federal budget of the U.S. and fiscal policy, summarize key points and post in the Discussions area.

The Article MUST be from within the last month.

Discuss the current level of the Federal budget deficit and the implications of the deficit. Support a proposal for addressing these concerns.

Reflection – the students also should include a paragraph in the initial response in their own words, using macroeconomic terminology, reflecting on specifically what they learned from the assignment and how they think they could apply what they learned in the workplace or in everyday life.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: Economics

Pages/words: 3/825

Number of sources: 5

Academic level: Undergraduate

Paper format: Harvard

Line spacing: Double

Language style: UK English

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