Topic: Economics Final Research Paper


Your Final Research Essay will examine the links between a current political, economic, or security issue and either the environment or health within a specific community and in terms of demographic information and social science theory.

References/Sources can’t be more than 5 years old.

In this paper, you will

Identify an original population or community (i.e., one not discussed in the course materials) in a location outside of North America: the location discussed must be very specific, for example do not state simply “West Africa” or “Eastern Europe.”

Examine one current political, economic, or security (i.e., national or human security) challenge within the chosen community that is related to either the environment or health.

The political, economic, or security issue must be occurring now, or have occurred no earlier than within the last five years.

Analyze at least three effects of this challenge on people in terms of one of these demographics: race, ethnicity, gender, or class.

Apply one theoretical perspective from one of the social science fields: sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, or political science.

The Social Sciences Fields Resources List contains resources that will be useful for this item.

Drawing from what other researchers have identified as solutions to the issue, formulate an original plan for what you as believe is the best approach for alleviating the issue, as well as future directions that activist, community, political, security, or economic leaders should move toward.

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