Topic: Educational brochure and a teaching plan

Develop an educational brochure and create a teaching plan of the intervention you purposed for your patient, family, or group. The teaching plan or educational brochure needs to be supported by scholarly, evidence-based sources. In addition, you might consider using a root cause analysis to explore the underlying reasons for a problem and as the basis for developing and implementing an action plan to address the problem.
This project is a total of 6 pages split between the educational brochure and teaching plan equally or unequally.
• In the brochure provide a consumable such as a blood glucose tracker or a Food tracker
• The teaching plan need to include an action planner.

Extra Resources

• Betschart, P., Staubli, S. E., Zumstein, V., Babst, C., Sauter, R., Schmid, H-P., & Abt, D. (2019). Improving patient education materials: A practical algorithm from development to validation. Current Urology, 13(2), 64–69.

• Chaghari, M., Saffari, M., Ebadi, A., & Ameryoun, A. (2017). Empowering education: A new model for in-service training of nursing staff. Journal of Advances in Medical Education & Professionalism, 5(1), 26–32.

Health IT
• Fleming, J. (2017). Usability is key to unlocking health IT’s full potential.

• (2020). Patient access information for individuals: Get it, check it, use it!

Patient-Centered and Value-Based Care

• Davis, K., Collier, S., Situ, J., Coe, M., & Cleary-Fishman, M. (2018). Toolkit to engage high-risk patients in safe transitions across ambulatory settings. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Patient Safety Network.

Type of assignment: Capstone project

Subject: Nursing

Pages: 6/1650

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