Topic : Educational Technology Essay Paper

The goal of the final project is to apply all of the information that has been covered throughout this course to the creation of a Web Log (blog), an online journal/portfolio. You will select a topic that relates to education and adheres to the following instructions:

  1. Choose a topic related to the field of education. Your topic should be within the field of elementary education (infancy-3rd grade). The topic must be approved by the instructor and should be developmentally appropriate for the intended audience (parent or student).
    a. Topic Suggestions (You may use one of these topics, or create a topic of your own)
    i. General classroom (report about daily events in the classroom)
    ii. Science, history, reading, writing, math, art, music… (any subject area)
    iii. Author/Character study (e.g. Arthur, Dr. Seuss, Mercer Mayer, Eric Carle…)
    iv. Parent communication (use blog as a way to involve parents)
    v. Current events- share information related to preschool instruction
  2. Using Blogger (, create an online blog that shares information related to your approved topic.
    a. After you’ve chosen a specific topic, you will use the Blogger program to develop a blog that is designed to educate readers on the topic you chose.
    i. So, if your blog topic relates to the children’s book author Eric Carle, you might choose to develop a “home” page that displays pictures of his books, and then create separate entries that explain how each of his books can be used to teach a lesson within a preschool classroom.
  3. Utilize the following technologies to enhance your blog and share information (you must use at leastfour separate forms of technology in your blog). The following ideas are just suggestions. Get creative!
    a. Camera- Take pictures and upload them to your blog to enhance your written work and make your blog more visually appealing.
    b. Scanner- Scan documents that you think are relevant to your blog topic. Upload these documents to your blog.
    c. PowerPoint- Develop a PowerPoint that elaborates on your blog topic (e.g. make a PowerPoint of exercises parents can do with their kids at home).
    d. Publisher- Create a newsletter related to your topic.
    e. Audio- Attach an audio file that relates to your blog topic (e.g. If your blog is focusing on a book study, attach an audio file for that particular book so children can read along with the audio file).
    f. Websites- Include links to other websites that pertain to your chosen blog topic (e.g. If your topic is on art in the classroom, include links to art websites that support your stance on art in the classroom).
    g. Social Media- Find interesting, relevant, and developmentally appropriate social media resources to support your topic.
    h. Any other technologies that you deem appropriate for your chosen content
  4. Your blog should have at least 5 separate entries.
  5. Any outside information used in your blog should be cited and referenced. You should create a link to a reference page in your blog. Your sources should be cited using APA style.
  6. Your finished blog should be
    a. Well organized; easy for the reader to navigate
    b. Visually appealing
    c. Detailed
    d. Related to your chosen and topic
    e. Technology dense; the final blog should demonstrate your thorough understanding of the many technologies we’ve covered throughout this class

Pages 3 Double spaced(825 words)
Style and sources APA7, 1 source
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