Topic: Effects of COVID-19 on the physical/ psychological health of children



1. Provide a brief background of your chosen trend/issue

2. Explain how the trend/issue impacts the health of the pediatric population utilizing previously

learned knowledge of Growth & development and the metaparadigm of nursing. Provide literature support.

3. Provide information on both sides (minimum of 2 for and 2 against) the trend/issue according to

the literature.

4. Based on this literature, identify or describe your personal stand/view on your trend/issue

(utilize literature support)

5. Provide a minimum of 2 recommendations for the health education needed for the pediatric

population based on your personal stand/view.

6. Identify resources available to support your trend/issue, provide literature support. If no resources are available, what is your recommendation for community resources?

a. What resources are available in your community to address this issue?

b. How this issue is currently addressed in your community?

c. Is this issue being dealt with effectively?

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