Topic: Emergency:Disaster Preparedness Plan Assessment

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Plan Assessment

This assignment is intended to assist the student in assessing the level of disaster preparedness in the community.
Students are expected to view the FEMA videos in the clinical syllabus before completing this assignment.
Students should be able to find the disaster plan on the local health department website and on the State of Michigan website You may also need to look at your local hospital website for more information or discuss items with community health agencies. Follow directions below and review the Grading Criteria.

This is considered part of your clinical time and you will be awarded 8 clinical hours at the completion of this assignment.

Directions (please see rubric for greater detail):

Write up, in paragraph form, which features your community may be at risk for:

Examples are:
Forest or brushfire
Explosion or volcanic eruption
Severe weather conditions
Other (specify)

Answer these questions:

What diverse community structures may be used as shelter?
What provisions are made (if any) to reunite families if separated?
What social support systems will be available to victims?
To what extent do community agencies collaborate in disaster planning?
What plans have been made for communicating disaster plans?
What plans have been made for communicating disaster warnings?
Who is responsible for activating the community disaster plan?
What facilities are available to respond to a disaster?
What healthcare personnel (including yourself) are available to meet health needs in a disaster?

FEMA Training: The National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) has provided three online training modules for you to complete. The links are as follows: These are due week 5 and turned into your clinical blackboard.

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