Topic: english planning practice & policy report


Write a report that:

• explains the key aims and objectives of TWO measures listed in Chapter 7 of the National Planning Policy Framework; and

• critically evaluates how those TWO measures could be applied to address the challenges St Elsewhere town centre faces.

(Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government G, (2019) National Planning Policy Framework [online] Available at: framework–2 [Accessed 25/07/2020])

Reference list and bibliography

You should include a reference list with a minimum of TEN separate relevant and appropriate sources that you have written about and cited within your work.

You should also include a bibliography list with a minimum of TWELVE separate relevant and appropriate sources that have influenced your thinking but are not cited in your work.




Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the principles underlying the UK planning system and the key stakeholders involved to enable the definition and analysis of planning problems to provide reasoned judgements.

With a current population of 80,000, St. Elsewhere is the largest town in its District Council area. However, the town centre has been in decline for some years, as its mix of retail, office and food service businesses have not adapted well to ongoing changes across the economy. Around 25% of all Use Class A premises in the town centre were already vacant prior to the onset of the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020; and it is likely that more closures will happen in the absence of prompt, co- ordinated local action.

St. Elsewhere District Council have contracted your independent planning consultancy to prepare a series of reports assessing how the planning system can help make its town centre more vibrant and sustainable in the medium to long term.

As a member of the team preparing these reports, you have been tasked to undertake a critical evaluation of TWO of the measures set out in Chapter 7 of the National Planning Policy Framework, which seek to ‘support the role that town centres play at the heart of their communities, by taking a positive approach to their growth, management and adaptation.’ (MHCLG 2019).

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