Topic: Enhancing Quality of Services Through Effective Collaborative Practice


The main purpose of this module is to help you understand the practice of Service Improvement, your role as a leader within your teams and to appreciate that often the best way to achieve this is through effective inter-professional collaboration.
The module aims to help you develop into practitioners who actively seek to improve their service, are receptive to new ideas and can use a variety of tools and techniques to bring about improvement

• The assessment will be a written assignment that will be 3,000 words for the main body and also a 500 word action plan. The focus of the written assignment will be a quality improvement initiative you have identified which will enhance service delivery and the experience of service users. This might be an idea you have developed on placement or an idea you witnessed elsewhere and would like to apply to your placement area.

• It is also important you use the interprofessional capability framework and as a summary to your assignment continue to assess your development of these key skills (capabilities) that were introduced in previous interprofessional modules, to prepare for employment! There are examples of how to reflect on interprofessional capabilities on page 21 of the ICF mini guide.

• Finally you need to develop an action plan to reflect this development and support your continuing development beyond qualification into practice. The action plan is essential to evidence how you plan to take your learning forward and has a 500 word count.

Type of service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Critical Essay
Subject : Nursing
Pages / words : 13/3500
Number Of Sources : 25
Academic Level : Undergraduate
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : UK English

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