Topic: Evaluating the management of interpersonal conflicts within a small team environment.

The assignment is a 2000 word essay. Part of a Critical Enquiry Skills module.

The 2000 words Structured Essay must critically evaluate one management problem within your work context deemed suitable for enquiry. The narrative presented within the structured essay must critically evaluate arguments from a range of literature required to frame and investigate the enquiry.

Introduction (200 words approx.)
• In about 200 words, outline the aim, objective and scope of the essay, with reference to the literature to demonstrate the academic support and basis of your work. Explain why the identified Management Problem is important.
• The key themes underpinning the essay should be identified in the introduction, together with a brief acknowledgement of why they are relevant/beneficial.

Literature Review (800 words approx.)
• Ensure the essay has a logical structure and flows from sentence to sentence/paragraph to paragraph.
• Using themes/objectives as side headings use appropriate and sufficient theory and literature linked to the Management Problem explored to demonstrate your understanding of the research problem drawing upon properly sourced (use the Harvard Referencing Handbook) contemporary literature.
• Place the Management Problem in the context of the studies presented in the literature.
• Ensure that you critically analyse and synthesise the literature linked to the themes discussed and use the literature with due caution.

Proposed Methodology (600 words approx.)
• Ensure the narrative is concise in style, focused in content and makes clear and specific linkage to a research enquiry plan developed for a particular organisational context, and which also considers ethical issues linked to the research enquiry.
• Describe the way in which the proposed research method could be implemented if you were to carry out the research.
• Discuss the research methods and analytical tools that could be used if the research were to be implemented.
• Ensure that you critically analyse the literature linked to the research methods identified and aim to present an objective reflection on the limitations of the proposed research methods while drawing upon relevant literature.
• Discuss ethical issues and aim to link the narrative with the discussion presented within Appendices 2 and 3.

Conclusion (200 words approx.)
• Make it clear that it is the conclusion and consider the “so what?” (as in “so what does all this mean?”). You should mention the key literature employed within the essay but do not introduce any new material in the conclusion.
• Provide your under-pinned and supported final opinion based on the body of the essay – include academic references where appropriate to gain credibility for your assertions and arguments.
• Your conclusion considers your analysis from each section as a whole, looking to address the title/themes covered.
• If appropriate, make a final statement linking to the title, illustrating your learning and understanding, considering the future implications/outcomes.

Reflection (200 words approx.)
• Writing in first person, present a brief reflection on your learning on the module and the importance of the literature review linked to the essay topic.

Use academic sources that ore within 5 years of publication unless reffering to established models and methods that are older.

Type of assignment: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Management
Pages/words: 4/2000
Number of sources: 5
Academic level: Bachelor
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Single
Language style: UK English

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