Topic: Evidence-Based Practice Question, Evidence Synthesis and Critical Appraisal research paper


During the course of the semester, each student will be working towards the preparation of three assignments related to effectively serving a specific client by:

1) locating and critiquing the best available evidence for practice decision making;

2) identifying appropriate assessment tools and interventions; and

3) evaluating the effectiveness of interventions designed to meet the needs of adults with regard to their mental health and wellness.

Evidence-based Practice (EBP) is defined as a process for making practice decisions in which practitioners integrate the best available research evidence with their practice expertise and with client attributes, values, preferences, and circumstances. As such, Assignment 1 represents the first three stages of this process. The assignment has two parts, which together should not exceed 6 pages, double-spaced.

For the first portion of the assignment, students are expected to formulate a health or mental health evidence-based practice question that is of interest to them and directly impacts their work with a specific adult or older adult client.

The question should address a specific practice challenge or issue about which you need to learn more in order to engage, assess, or intervene with your client most effectively. In selecting a meaningful practice question, students should consider their existing knowledge of the particular client-of-focus, the local service context, agency capacity, and available resources, and their relevant experiences addressing similar problems or working with others who have similar backgrounds or needs.

The second portion involves locating and critically appraising a small body of relevant empirical evidence representing the best available evidence to answer the practice question.

As part of the process of bridging the gap between research and practice, social work students should be able to assess the quality, extent, and applicability of available scientific evidence, and to translate that evidence into practical knowledge used for applied decision-making.

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