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((Earlier this year, President Biden signed an executive memorandum to have the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) take on all costs relating to the federal government’s support of states in fighting COVID – President Trump’s initial order had states share in 25% of the costs, which is standard for federal disaster relief. More information is available here.

In your first paragraph, explain what an executive memorandum is, and why FEMA, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, can be affected by executive actions signed by Biden (i.e., where is it located in the structure of the federal government?).

Next, imagine if you felt strongly that these costs should be shared between states and the federal government, and wanted a bill passed forcing that to be the case. What would be the process of the bill becoming a law? As part of your explanation, beyond just listing the steps of the process:

make your best guess as to who you’d have introduce the bill
state which standing committee you think the bill would be referred to in each chamber (the list we used before was here)
describe what you think the likelihood would be of the bill passing each chamber and why
describe what you think the likelihood would be of the bill being vetoed if it were passed and why
Finally, what are the factors that determine whether the Supreme Court is acting with restraint or not? Which of those factors would lead the Supreme Court to be unlikely to take a challenge to Biden’s memorandum?

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